Thanks for order again of a series machines from our Sri Lanka old customer

July 21, 2015

Latest company news about Thanks for order again of a series machines from our Sri Lanka old customer


We are glad and thankful that our Sri Lanka old customer has ordered anohter a series machines last month without coming our factory, in passed several months, the customer has ordered twice machines in short time.


The machines are with 3sets 1500L SUS316 juice mixing tank with resonable price.


1) First order: At the end of last year, this customer contacted us for asking jacked pot,auto doube label sleeve labeling machine for plastic bottle, juice homogenizer, conveyor etc. After some emails and tel communication, this customer was interested in our machine and decided to come our factory for visit and talk face by face.


Latter they came with 3 people, which are the company boss, company technician and company director. We took them carefully with polite and showed them around the factry and machine, latter they was pleased with our machine and service, so made the order smoothly with L/C based on trust between each other.


Then we made the production in time and guarantee the quality, arranged the shippment etc. Since their technician was familiar to the machine, and they came our factory to have more talk on machine, and operated the machine by self in workshop, and we offered the detailed operation manual, so they don't need us to have the adjustment in customer factory, they operate the machine well and the machine is in good function now.


So customer trust us and our machines based on this.



2) Second order: Based on first order trust, here the customer asked us another machines, like the 3sets 1500L SUS316 juice mixing tank, after details confirmed, the customer quickly ordered it with us by T/T trade term from original L/C. They gave us more trust and told us they don't need to check the cargo again before shipping. They would like to establish long term friendly relationship with us, we are pleased to do so.


we will guarantee the quality and all service for our customer. Don't let them disappointed.


We are really thankful to all our customers, believe us we will grow up and up.