Monobloc Pet / Plastic Bottle / Bottled Drink Beverage Tea Juice Filling Machine / Equipment / Plant / System / Line

Monobloc Pet / Plastic Bottle / Bottled Drink Beverage Tea Juice Filling Machine / Equipment / Plant / System / Line

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Zhangjiagang, China
Brand Name: FILLPACK
Certification: CE/ISO9001
Model Number: RCGF18-18-6

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Wooden Case Package
Delivery Time: 30 Working Days After Receiving Your Deposit Payment
Payment Terms: TT & L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, , MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 20 sets/month
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Detail Information

Weight: 5000-7000 Kg Dimension(L*W*H): 2800*2150*2300 Mm
Filling Pressure: 0.1-0.35Mpa Automatic Grade: Automatic
Bottle Type: PET Plastic Bottle Condition: New
Material: SUS304 Filling Precision: ≤+/-1mm(liquid Level)
Processing Types: Juice Processing Filling Packing Voltage: 380V/220V 50HZ
Control: PLC Control With Touch Screen Suitable Bottle Size: 0.3-2L PET Bottle
Cap Style: Plastic Screw Cap Capacity: 5000-7000BPH
Warranty: 1 Year For Spare Parts
High Light:

beverage processing machine


juice making equipment

Product Description

Monobloc Pet / Plastic Bottle / Bottled Drink Beverage Tea Juice Filling Machine / Equipment / Plant / System / Line


Plastic bottle juice drink filling line RCGF18-18-6

>>>Overview of Production Line:

1, The juice blending process is designed according to the formula of the juice drink.
2, Usually, the juice blending process is: sugar preparation syrup, syrup filtration, concentrated juice dilution, juice mixing tank,Vacuum degasser, Homogenizer, UHT(Sterilization), CIP cleaning.
3, For example: use concentrated juice to produce bottled juice. Before the concentrated juice is prepared, it is necessary to carry out the juice recovery, that is, adding an appropriate amount of water to pre-dissolve and dilute the concentrated juice.
4, After that, it is sent to the mixing tank, and then the syrup and other auxiliary materials are added, and the water is stirred and the volume is adjusted.
>>>Processing flow:
Drinking Water Treatment Equipment → Syrup pot → Syrup Filter → juice mixing tank → Vacuum degasser → Homogenizer → UHT(Sterilization) → Washing, Filling, Capping 3-in-1 Machine For Filling Juice → Bottle Inverted Conveyor Sterilization → Spray Water Sterilization.(85℃) → Labeling Machine Code printer → Shrink wrap packing machine→ Finished Products
Juice Processing System

Juice batching system: sugar pot, batching tank, duplex filter, homogenizer, vacuum degasser, tubular ultra-high temperature sterilizer, heat preservation tank.

The heating method can be steam heating, sugar melting pot, ingredient tank and beverage heat preservation tank can be made into three layers of heat preservation treatment, the outermost layer is heat preservation cotton, the middle layer is steam layer, and the latter layer is material, so the heating speed is fast, the heat loss is small, and the cost can be greatly reduced, so a steam boiler needs to be configured.
★ UHT sterilizer is used for heating, sterilization, heat preservation and cooling of juice drinks. This equipment is the ideal equipment for prolonging the retention period of materials through sterilization and cooling.
★ With a variety of safety protection measures and high temperature alarm, low temperature reflux function. Materials and heating medium are heated by non-contact heat exchange in their respective sealing systems to ensure the health and safety of materials.
★ PLC control can be used to automatically control the heating temperature, hot water temperature and steam flow regulation of each section of the material.
★ The temperature can reach 115-135℃, and the temperature can be reduced to 85-90℃ after cooling.
Washing, Filling, Capping 3-in-1 Machine For Filling Juice
Washing, Filling, Capping 3-in-1 Machine is a set of equipment with high precision and speed to fill liquid. It adopts bottle-neck block technology, not only avoiding second pollution to the bottle-neck, but also realizing filling different specs of bottles in one equipment, which greatly improved commonality of this equipment. Production capacity is 2000 bottles to 250000 bottles per hour. Main-frame machine adopts frequency controlling electric motor, which is much convenient to adjust speed in scope of production capacity.
Monobloc Pet / Plastic Bottle / Bottled Drink Beverage Tea Juice Filling Machine / Equipment / Plant / System / Line 0
Bottle Inverted Conveyor Sterilization.
The inverted bottle sterilization machine is a special equipment for the hot filling production line which is developed according to the process characteristics of the hot filling production line and needs to be developed by itself.
The temperature of the whole process is controlled between 65-85℃. When passing through the bottle pouring sterilizer, the bottle will turn 360 degrees. The inverted bottle sterilizer use the high temperature of the product to sterilize the bottle cap in a specified time(28~30second), soften the seal of the cap, and improve the cap and bottle.
Spray Water Sterilization.(85℃)
When passing through the spray sterilizer, the machine will spray a certain temperature of water outside the bottle to achieve the second step of sterilization. That is to say, for the products after filling and capping, the bottle pouring sterilizer can automatically turn the bottle 90° to put the bottle down, sterilize the inner wall of the bottle cap through the material temperature, and then pass the spray cooling machine.
The spray sterilizer adopts multi-stage treatments such as circulating hot water spray sterilization, warm water pre-cooling and cold water cooling, and has the advantages of water saving and heat saving.

The spray sterilizer is mainly used for atmospheric sterilization of various bottled, canned beverages, canned fruits and vegetables, tea beverages for PET polyester bottles, cooling of juice drinks after hot filling, and beverages containing steam and beer, thermos bottle.

Washing Filling Capping 3-in-1 in the Juice/Tea Hot filling line
Model RCGF12-12-4 RCGF18-18-6 RCGF24-24-8 RCGF32-32-12 RCGF40-40-12
Capacity 4000BPH 5000-7000BPH 8000-12000BPH 12000-15000BPH 15000-20000BPH
Bottle shape (Bottle Diameter):50-110mm (Height):160-320mm
PET bottle PET screw
Filling precision ≤+/-1%
Filling pressure 0.15-0.35MPa 0.15-0.35MPa 0.15-0.35MPa 0.15-0.35MPa 0.15-0.35MPa
Rinsing pressure 0.2-0.25MPa 0.2-0.25MPa 0.2-0.25MPa 0.2-0.25MPa 0.2-0.25MPa
Power 4.4Kw 4.4Kw 5.2Kw 6.2Kw 7.8Kw
Size(mm) 2100*1750*2200 2800*2150*2300 3100*2450*2300 3800*2800*2500 4100*3000*2500
Weight(Kg) 3500 5000-7000 8000-12000 12000-15000 15000-20000
If you need glass bottle juice filling line, please check them on our website or contact the sales consultant directly. 
Other machines in the production line

Monobloc Pet / Plastic Bottle / Bottled Drink Beverage Tea Juice Filling Machine / Equipment / Plant / System / Line 1

Water treatment system
★ Automation grade: Automatic / Semi-automatic
★ Capacity range: 250L—30T per hour can be chosen.
★ Material of three pre-filters:SUS304 / FRP
★ Membrane brand: HYDECANME/DOW/GE OSMONICS/Saehan/Toray
★ Optional device: water tank, sodium ion exchanger,UV sterilizer,water storage tank
★ Water pump:NangFang pump

Vacuum degasser
★ The vacuum degasser is used to degass the homogenized fruit juice in the vacuum state, so as to prevent the oxidation of fruit juice and prolong the storage period of fruit juice.
★ After degassing, the juice beverage can reduce or avoid the oxidation of juice components, and reduce the change of color and flavor of juice.
★ This equipment uses frame to combine vacuum pump, vacuum degassing tank and delivery pump (screw pump) organically. It has simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance, small floor area.

★ Homogenizer is mainly used for mixing, grinding and refining juice drinks to avoid layering and improve the taste.
★ The shelf life is also improved, 3-5 times longer than the original. The products are of good quality.
★ The wearing parts of the machine are durable, with stable and reliable quality, high cost performance and low maintenance cost.

Washing Filling Capping Heads
★ The three functions of bottle washing, filling and capping are composed in one body of the machine.
★ The rinsing, filling, capping machine is automatically controlled by PLC.
★ Direct connection technology is used between air conveyor and in-feeding starwheel to substitute in-feeding screw and conveyor. It is easy to change the size of bottles.
★ The head of filling machine is made of better stainless steel, which is firm and endurable.

Labeling machine with code printer
★ Our company have all kinds of OPP Hot Glue Labeling Machine, Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine, Cold Glue labeling machine and adhesive labeling machine.
★ How to choose the labeling machine?Please tell us what kind of labels you use on the bottles? How many labels you need to stick on one bottle? What the shape of your bottles are? You better send me the bottle pictures if convenient.

Film shrinking packing machine
★ The film shrink packing is used to pack scattered bottles into a whole group.We have Manual wrapping Shrink Packing Machine, Semi-Automatic PE Film Heat Shrink Packing Machine, L Type Automatic PE Film Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine,Linear type High Speed Automatic Shrink Packing and Color film orientation shrink packing machine.
★ How to choose the machine? You need to tell us what kind of film you need and what kind of bottle arrangement you need.



Monobloc Pet / Plastic Bottle / Bottled Drink Beverage Tea Juice Filling Machine / Equipment / Plant / System / Line 2Monobloc Pet / Plastic Bottle / Bottled Drink Beverage Tea Juice Filling Machine / Equipment / Plant / System / Line 3


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